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Public Health Dentistry


                                         DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH DENTISTRY


Public health dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry which deals with prevention and control of oral  diseases and promoting oral health through organized community efforts.  


Infrastructure & Activities : The Department of Public Heath Dentistry offers training, research and community health services through its various outdoor activities in form of dental camps, community based comprehensivemedical care, mobile and satellite clinics apart from its regular indoor treatment facilities. Oral Health Informationcenter is also established in the department for displaying the work of students and staff members in educating thecommon people regarding oral health. Tobacco cessation awareness center focuses on deaddiction of varioustobacco habits. The departmental infrastructure is well- equipped to provide the treatment of the patients forpreventive and comprehensive dental care.



The department is also involved with the functionality of the satellite clinics of the college at Noida, village Ghori and Bulandshahar District Jail. In collaboration with various NGOs’, private hospital firms like Fortis, Noida and corporate companies like Moserbaer, the department is constantly working towards the aim of education, motivation and facilitation of oral health services for the common people.











The departmental duties are performed uniquely to advance access to primary and specialty healthcare services for diverse populations, especially underserved families and individuals. All the patients are provided free of cost consultancy and treatments to augment their participation and provide best of medical care at their door steps. The  quantum of the clinical procedures performed in the department and OPD .   




The faculty members of the department also have various international and national research publications to their credit. Under able guidance of the experienced staff and with introduction of the post-graduate curriculum from May 2012, the department is looking forward for up-gradation and expansion of its activities thus adding a newer dimension to Public health dentistry.









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