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Microbiology is one of the largest and most complex of the biological sciences as it deals with many diverse disciplines including Food, Dairy, Drug, Agriculture, Aquatic life, Industry and Environment apart from public health, infectious diseases and biotechnology.

Microbiology is extremely important for dental students as the oral cavity harbors thousands of different species of microbes and acts like a living incubator. Students in the Department are made to learn the impact of this science on their day-to-day professional life. They are made aware of infectious diseases, etiological confirmation of clinical diagnosis and antimicrobial susceptibility to select the best antibiotic for therapy.
Following the dictum that “seeing is believing” students are given practical experience in microbial diagnosis and antibiotic susceptibility testing. The Department is modestly equipped for teaching BDS. The laboratory has a functional media room, sterilization and washing rooms and a work station. We also have specimens and slides of Infectious agents and cultures and further tests are done in our laboratory. Some of the serological tests like VDRL and Widal are also carried out in our Department.

The laboratory is also engaged in maintaining the strains, preparation of smears from positive specimens and occasional culture of specimens from college staff and sterility testing procedures for OT and work stations in specialty clinics.

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